How to activate wordpress plugin

The wordpress plugin allows wordpress users leverage Termii's personalization tools. Below are steps to activating the Termii plugin on wordpress.

Step 1: 
Click the button below to download our wordpress plugin

Step 2:  Upload the plugin to your wordpress website and activate it

Please Note

While activating the plugin, if you get the following error - Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '?' /illuminate/support/Arr.php on line 289.

Simply upgrade your server PHP version to 7.0 (Termii plugin requires PHP 7.0 or higher to work)

Step 3: Get your Termii API key and endpoint via this link:

Step 4: Insert your API key and endpoint to your wordpress account

Step 5: Select your preferred email list from the option that would be displayed

Step 6: Map wordpress contacts to your selected Termii email list

Step 7Copy the cron job settings displayed and actiavte it on your cpanel or hosting environment

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