UHack Community Articles 4

Here you will find steps to guide you on how to manage email campaigns as a digital marketer

What is Termii? 6

All you need to know about Termii and how to begin your marketing journey

Navigating Email Servers for Resellers 5

Quick steps to navigating your Termii re-seller account

How to send email campaigns 3

Quick steps to creating, sending and scheduling email marketing campaigns

Termii articles 2

Trending articles and updates from Termii support

Setting up your account 2

Important guidelines to follow while setting up your account

Import customers contacts 5

Quick guidelines and steps to importing customers contacts

How to get your API Keys 2

SImple steps and guidelines on how to acquire your API keys from third-party platforms like MailChimp

How to setup webmail 5

Guidelines on how to set up your webmail

Sms guidelines and plans 1

All you need to know about the sms features on base